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How To Organize Your Closet When You Have Too Many Clothes

Updated: Feb 25

Is your closet bursting at the seams, and you find it difficult to part with clothes? Unlike the sorted minimalists who possess a few essential pieces of clothing, if you are the kind whose wardrobe overflows with years of collected clothing, a closet reset is what you need. The idea is to focus on clothing organization to ensure easy access to your entire collection if you want to conclude this long-standing dilemma between your wardrobe and the far too many clothes you stuff it with.

Here's a simple guide on resetting your closet when it's overflowing with clothing. This guide is here to help you transform your chaotic closet into a well-organized haven by helping you understand how to organize a lot of clothes. By implementing practical strategies and decluttering techniques, you can regain control over your wardrobe, create a tidy space, and make it efficient and idyllic.

12 Organization tips for clothes

How To Organize Your Closet When You Have Too Many Clothes

1. Assess Your Clothing Inventory

Regularly going through your closet, even if you don't have items in mind to part with initially, is crucial for managing an overflowing wardrobe. Here, it is essential to emphasize the importance of periodic purging. Taking the Time to assess your belongings allows you to identify items you can do without, contributing to a more organized and manageable closet.

Therefore, before taking up the task of clothing organizing, take a thorough inventory of your clothes. This step is essential for making informed decisions about what to keep, donate, or discard. 

2. Categorize and Prioritize

One of the foremost organizing tips for clothes is to divide your clothes into categories such as tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shirts, trousers, active wear, and accessories. This categorization lays the groundwork for a systematic organization that makes placing or locating specific items a breeze. Thereafter, within each category, you can prioritize your clothes based on seasons and the frequency of use. This ensures that your most-used items are easily accessible.

3. Declutter with an open mind

Let go of the urge to hold on to things. It is only fair to do away with clothes that no longer serve you. Be ruthless in decluttering and removing damaged items that don't fit or don't align with your current style. Consider creating a "donate" pile for clothes in good condition that you no longer need. Decluttering frees up space and allows you to curate a wardrobe that reflects your current taste and lifestyle.

4. Fold & File

File your T-shirts in your closet drawers to maximize space and visibility. Filing is a method of folding or arranging T-shirts in a manner similar to how files are organized, making it easier to see and access each shirt in a drawer or storage space. 

Optimize your clothing organization by adopting this efficient folding method, and get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the increased drawer space and the improved visibility of your entire collection. This intelligent approach allows you to fit more shirts into each drawer and minimizes the Time spent searching through your wardrobe, making it a practical and time-saving solution.

5. Make Room for What Matters

The predicament of how to organize clothing in your overstuffed closet can be easily solved by moving some items out of it. Not every piece of clothing needs to occupy precious hanging space. Utilize drawer space by neatly folding items like jeans and sweaters, which are less prone to creasing. Reserve hanging space for trousers, jackets, blouses, skirts, slacks, and dresses. If you find yourself low on closet hanging space, explore other areas for storage, like open walls or shelving for shoes and neatly folded clothing. Consider incorporating coat racks or hat racks in different parts of your home for additional storage solutions.

6. Invest in Storage Solutions

Maximize your closet space by investing in storage solutions tailored to your needs. Utilize Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers, shelves, and drawer dividers to set up designated spaces for different types of clothing. Consider incorporating bins or baskets for accessories and shoes. The key is to create a designated spot for each item, making it easy to maintain order.

7. Tailor Your Storage with Adjustable Shelves

Remember to consider the potential of your closet space. Many closets come with adjustable shelving, providing flexibility in organizing your belongings. You can easily move shelves up or down to create customized storage spaces that suit your needs. Additionally, consider adding extra shelves to maximize storage capacity, and the best part is that it's a budget-friendly solution.

8. Add More Rods

Make your clothing organizing more functional by adding extra clothing rods to your closet. In this simple solution, having two rods is better than one, and Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers can ensure that everything stays in its designated space. Utilize the higher rod for longer items like dresses, while the lower storage unit is perfect for hanging shorter clothes like skirts. This arrangement maximizes storage and keeps your wardrobe organized and accessible.

9. Maximize Space with Upper Shelves

Consider adding extra shelves above the clothing rod for efficient closet organization. Optimal storage is achieved by placing these shelves higher, allowing you to stow away out-of-season clothes conveniently. This smart solution frees up space for your frequently used clothing items.

10. Utilize Vertical Space:

If your closet has limited horizontal space, a cool organization tip for clothes is to think vertically. Install hooks on the inside of doors for bags or accessories. Utilize wall-mounted shelving for shoes or folded clothes. This optimizes space and adds an aesthetically pleasing dimension to your closet.

11. Implement a Seasonal Rotation

Implement a seasonal rotation to prevent your closet from becoming overcrowded with seasonal items. Store off-season clothes in clear containers or vacuum-sealed bags, making sure they are easily accessible when needed. This frees up space and ensures that your current wardrobe reflects the weather outside.

12. Maintain Regularly

Organization is an ongoing process. Set aside Time each season to reassess your wardrobe, declutter, and reorganize as needed. If you bring in new items, follow the "one in, one out" rule to prevent your closet from becoming cluttered again.


Following these practical clothing organizing steps and incorporating organizational habits into your routine can transform your overstuffed closet into a well-ordered sanctuary. Remember, an organized closet saves you time and allows you to appreciate and make the most of the clothes you love. 

Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers is a quick, highly effective solution that delivers immediate, long-lasting results. This innovative solution ensures each item has its designated spot, keeping your hangers securely in place. Clothing organization becomes a seamless, highly functional process, making your closet a feast for your eyes. 

So, it's Time to roll up your sleeves and embark on your journey to a more organized and efficient wardrobe with Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers.

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Author: Stephen Patrick

Author: Stephen Patrick

Stephen is the Founder and CEO of the Roomedys® brand. Stephen’s inaugural, multi-patented invention, Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST), is poised to transform the world of closet organization. Having spent 25 years in the hospitality industry, Stephen is an expert in functional organization. His mantra, “Everything has a place; everything stays in place,” is the key to achieving a realistic & maintainable routine that provides a feeling of balance and well-being.


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