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Roomedys™ Spacing Tape for Hangers

Currently available in clear 


Exclusively on Amazon 

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Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST) - Closet Clothes Organizer

Currently available in clear


Tired of a cluttered closet? Look no further than Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST)! This first-of-its-kind tape keeps your hangers evenly spaced, creating a neat and organized look that's easy to navigate. No more squeezing past clothes – RST lets you move hangers around freely without disrupting the order. This makes picking out outfits a breeze while keeping your closet picture-perfect. So, if you love hanging your clothes neatly, Roomedys® RST is the answer for style and functionality.

Single, double or triple space your clothes for the perfect look

Fully Customizable

Engineered with
smart, high quality materials

Strong 3M Adhesive

Safe to recycle paper
& plastic packaging

Recyclable Packaging

Universal fit for various hanger styles, ensuring versatile closet organization

Fits Any Hanger

Perfect for a single room or closet. This tape fits 102 hangers

Six Feet in Length

Surface safe adhesive bonds to wood, metal, plastic once cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Other household cleaners may repel the adhesive on the tape. Does not work on narrow wire shelving.  

Sticks to Anything

Our Features

Style meets function!

Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST) is an innovative product that keeps your hangers evenly spaced, giving you a neat and organized closet. With RST, your closet maintains a picture-perfect appearance and offers functional convenience for everyday use. RST allows you to navigate between your clothes easily, moving them left to right and all around without anything shifting out of place. This functionality makes it effortless to pick out and examine your clothes while maintaining their arrangement.

Roomedys™ Spacing Tape for Hangers

Currently available in clear 


Exclusively on Amazon 

Click here to go to the Amazon Store

A Variety of Colors Coming Soon

What people have
been saying.

Roomedys Spacing Tape for Hangers completely transformed my closet! As a busy Mom, I appreciate how quick and easy it was to apply. My clothes have a set spot, are perfectly spaced, and stay organized. I absolutely love it! I will definitely use it in my children’s closets as well!

Cate D. - Busy Mom

A brilliant product that 100% delivers. My closet is perfect. Always!

David L. - Film Producer

Roomedys has been a game-changer for keeping my closet organized and looking clean! Very easy to install and helps keep all my dress shirts from getting bunched up and crinkled. Haven’t touched my iron since I installed my Roomedys Spacing Tape for Hangers.

Nils M. - Roomedys Early Adopter

Roomedys Spacing Tape for Hangers instantly transformed my closet from a cluttered mess to looking professionally organized. I couldn’t believe how easy and affordable it was to upgrade my closet!

Sarah D. - Accountant

Very fun to do and excellent result.

Meg R. - Designer

Roomedys – Remedy Fast! Very Intuitive.

Leah F. - Designer

I can’t believe I found a product that makes me look effortlessly organized. Where has this been all my life!

Suzanne S. - Actor

As a wardrobe and product stylist, I was thrilled to learn about this unique invention. Its minimal and thoughtful design is perfect for creating a uniform aesthetic without seeing the product itself. Perfect for home use and in my profession. I’m so excited to have something like this available in the market.

Liz R. - Stylist

I love this product! Roomedys Spacing Tape for Hangers laid down easily and straight, with no adjustment necessary. The divider bumps make it possible to add and remove clothes without moving a hanger. My closet always looks calm and organized now. This is a far better way to display and choose clothes than anything else I’ve tried.

Barbara F. - President, Virtual Production Co.

I used to have a hard time keeping track of my clothes in crowded closets. Roomedys Spacing Tape for Hangers has been a game changer, allowing me to stay organized and turning my closet into something I want to show off!

Daren F. - Sports Agent

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