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6 Common Organizing Mistakes With Small Closets

Updated: Mar 4

No matter how small, every closet has the potential to look like a work of art —you just need to know the ropes. When it comes to organizing a small closet, remember that all closets appear cramped when they lack organization. The golden rule for making the most out of your closet space, whether big or small, is straightforward: keep it organized.

The foundation of a well-organized closet is built upon the notion that every item should have a designated space. This fundamental principle addresses two crucial aspects of optimizing closet space. First, the likelihood of clutter increases when items lack a specific place. Second, clutter often stems from failing to return items to their designated spot.

Enter Roomedys® – a game-changer in closet organization, focusing on effective methods rather than the closet size. Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers is your effortless solution to conquering small closet chaos. This innovative product is simple to install, serving as a clothing hanger divider that effortlessly spaces out all your clothing. It ensures each item in your closet finds its perfect spot and stays where it belongs, promoting a well-maintained and orderly closet. Roomedys® brings simplicity and effectiveness to your optimizing closet space goals, leaving you with a tidy and visually pleasing wardrobe.

Navigating 6 Common Organizing Mistakes

Common Organizing Mistakes With Small Closets

The impact of a cluttered closet on your daily life can be eye-opening. Achieving a "functionally organized" closet doesn't just mean tidiness – it's about cultivating a sense of balance and well-being that ripples into every aspect of your life. Let's explore a few habits that might unknowingly contribute to this chaos.

1. Over-crowding

Over-crowding your closet

Avoid the habit of haphazardly tossing all your belongings into the closet. Instead, consider organizing your items based on categories, colors, styles, or seasons. The key is to create a system of organization that resonates with you, allowing each object to have its designated place. Whether you categorize meticulously or keep it simple, the goal is to establish a system that makes sense to you and is sustainable in your daily routine.

2. Over-purchasing

Clothes Over Purchasing

Embrace the "1 in, one out" rule – if you haven't worn a piece of clothing for a year, it's time to let it go. To make things easy for you, we have numerous options available on the Roomedys® website for donating or gifting clothing. Organize your small closet by making room for what truly matters and extend the life of your clothes through thoughtful choices.

3. Not Reserving shelves exclusively for clothes

Not Reserving Closet shelves exclusively for clothes

Another common mistake we must correct is using shelves for purposes other than storing clothes. It's essential to recognize that shelves in your closet are designed to house and organize your clothing items efficiently. When shelves in your bedroom closet organizers are repurposed for unrelated items, it can lead to a cluttered and disorganized space. By utilizing shelves exclusively for clothing, you optimize the functionality of your closet, ensuring a neat and purposeful arrangement.

4. Not learning to fold

Not Folding Clothes

Optimizing closet space becomes easier when you learn the art of folding – FYI, not everything belongs on a hanger. Adopt a folding technique that lets you see all your clothes, encouraging you to wear all your outfits rather than settling for what's at the top of the pile. Not only does this save space, but it also, believe it or not, almost turns the task of folding laundry into an enjoyable activity, especially if you are one of those who like to set new standards in the art of organization.

5. Using your closet to store bulky clothes

Closets with bulky clothes

Optimize your closet space by avoiding a jumble of jackets and bulky items with your regular clothes. Ideally, these should be kept separate. In the absence of a designated coat closet, consider the practical and aesthetically pleasing solution of a free-standing coat rack. Not only does it look good, but it's also a cost-effective option that will only take up a little space. Speaking of free-standing, free-standing clothes racks are a great option, too, if you have a small closet. With Roomedys® Spacing Tape (RST), your clothes are always in place and look great, so you can make it a showpiece in any room of your house. It could be a piece of art if it's done well.

6. Not Seasonally rotating your clothes

off-season clothing cluttering your small closet

We all have clothes that we only wear for part of the year, depending on the season. Therefore, there's no reason to have off-season clothing cluttering your small closet if you won't wear it for months. Rotating clothes according to the seasons can work wonders for people organizing small closets. Extra storage spaces in the house, such as an attic or under the bed, can be used to store off-season clothing to free up closet space.

Pro Tips

Roomedys Before and After using spacing tape

Here are a few expert tips on maximizing your small closet space using Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers. While these tips apply to all closet sizes, there's no reason a small closet should miss out on the benefits of efficient organization!

  • Customize your closet. Single, double, or triple space your clothes. It's up to you!

  • Keep the spacing types together when single, double, and triple spacing are on the same rack!

  • Always know where things belong. Leave hangers in place while wearing or cleaning your clothes. No more piles of messy hangers!

  • Make your clothes visible! If you don't see them, you don't wear them.

  • Use the same style of hanger throughout the entire closet.

  • Leave hangers in place even if there are no clothes on them.

  • Transfer your dry cleaning to a proper hanger. It's worth it!

  • Face all clothes in the same direction.

Final Takeaway

Organizing your small closet is vital to achieving a clutter-free and harmonious environment. Clearing the chaos, disarray, and confusion from your closet is the first step toward creating a functional and balanced living space. A "functionally organized" closet goes beyond mere neatness; it cultivates a sense of equilibrium and well-being that positively influences all aspects of your life. Thanks to Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers, crafting a realistic and sustainable closet tailored to your lifestyle takes just minutes.

RST is a game-changer, effortlessly helping you designate a spot for each item and ensuring your hangers stay in place. Roomedys®  is here to bring simplicity and practicality to your small closet organization. So, the real question you should be asking isn't why you would use RST; it's more a matter of why wouldn't you. Elevate your closet organization with Roomedys®and experience the ease of a well-organized space.

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Author: Stephen Patrick

Author: Stephen Patrick

Stephen is the Founder and CEO of the Roomedys® brand. Stephen’s inaugural, multi-patented invention, Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST), is poised to transform the world of closet organization. Having spent 25 years in the hospitality industry, Stephen is an expert in functional organization. His mantra, “Everything has a place; everything stays in place,” is the key to achieving a realistic & maintainable routine that provides a feeling of balance and well-being.


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