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Effortless Men's Closet Organization: Simplifying Your Wardrobe and Decluttering Your Closet

Updated: 7 days ago

Let's talk about closets—specifically, men's closet organization. You might think organizing men's closets is a breeze compared to women's, but in reality, it's a whole different ball game. While there are similarities in the types of items both men and women store in their closets, how they organize them can vary significantly.

Men's wardrobe closet often reflect their lifestyle and preferences, focusing on functionality and ease of access. This means organizing clothing based on frequency of use and personal style choices. From work attire to casual wear, each item has its place, making getting dressed a smooth and efficient process.

In this blog, we'll dive into essential tips and men's closet organization ideas. Whether you're a minimalist or a fashion enthusiast, these strategies will help you make the most of your closet space while keeping everything neat and accessible. Let's get started!

Hanging Pants From Light To Dark

Men's Closet Organization - Hanging Pants From Light To Dark

When it comes to organizing men's closet, men have a simpler task compared to women. Since they typically wear pants as their bottom attire, their main focus is organizing by color. Men often prefer pants that either match or create a striking contrast with their top clothing. It's a common practice for men to arrange their pants from light to dark shades. This systematic arrangement makes it easier for men to quickly pick out the right pair of pants they want to wear without any hassle. By organizing their pants in this manner, men can save time and avoid the frustration of searching for the perfect color.

Enter Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST): a handy tool that keeps your hangers evenly spaced, giving your closet a neat and organized appearance, and offers extra benefits beyond just looking good. With RST, you can smoothly move your clothes back and forth without disrupting the order or getting tangled. This makes it super easy to browse through your wardrobe and find what you need without messing up the order. RST is perfect for anyone who prefers hanging their clothes and wants a closet that's both stylish and functional.

Storing Shoes On Angled Shelves

Men's closet organization ideas - Storing Shoes On Angled Shelves

Men often spend time coordinating their shoes with their outfits, just like they would with pants. Typically, shoes end up on flat shelves or near the front door, leading to a time-consuming search when rushing to get out.However, using shelves that are angled downwards not only showcases shoes beautifully but also makes them easily visible at a glance. This simple change in the men's closet can save valuable time in the morning rush, ensuring that you find the perfect pair of shoes without delay.

Incorporating A Hamper Inside Your Closet Space

Organizing men's closet - Hamper Inside Your Closet Space

For many men, the hustle and bustle of daily life leaves little time for household chores like laundry. The constant on-the-go lifestyle means that tasks like sorting clothes often take a backseat. However, there's a simple solution that can ease this burden: integrating a laundry hamper directly into their closet space. By having a designated spot to toss dirty clothes right in their closet, men can easily separate their laundry without the need for additional sorting. This small change can make a big difference, reducing stress and streamlining the laundry process for busy individuals.

Adequate Hanging Space

Men's wardrobe closet - Adequate Hanging Space

It is important to keep suit jackets and button-down shirts in top condition. These garments require delicate handling to ensure they maintain their pristine appearance.

The ideal storage solution for these items is hanging them in the closet, but it's essential to ensure they have enough space to hang freely without any restrictions. Aim for a vertical space of at least 42 inches to effectively accommodate these garments' length.

This can be further supported by Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST), a convenient accessory designed to maintain even spacing between hangers, giving your closet a tidy and organized look and providing additional benefits for your wardrobe management. With RST, you can navigate through your clothes easily without messing up the arrangement.This makes it simple to browse through your clothing collection and locate what you need without disrupting the order of your closet. Whether you're a fan of hanging your clothes or simply appreciate a stylish and functional closet, RST is the perfect solution.

Folding Clothing Properly

Men's closet organization - Folding Clothing Properly

Regarding male closet organization, it is important to fold thicker fabrics, like knitwear. Hanging these items can stretch or damage the fabric over time. Utilize  the shelves in your closet for neatly folding your clothes. By folding them, you protect the fabric and free up space on your closet rod, which is always beneficial!

Now, let's discuss which clothing items are best suited for folding:

Sweaters & Knits: Fold cozy woolen and cashmere sweaters to maintain shape and save closet space. Chunky sweaters, in particular, should be folded to avoid misshaping.

Activewear: Fold activewear made from synthetic fabrics to prevent them from becoming misshapen when hung up. It's the best way to keep them in top condition.

Shorts: Shorts are easy to fold and maintain their shape well. Store them folded in your closet for easy access.


Men's closet organization is a different endeavor compared to a woman's, focusing on functionality and efficiency. The answer to how to organize a man's closet lies in implementing strategies like arranging pants from light to dark shades, utilizing angled shelves for shoe storage, incorporating a hamper inside the closet, ensuring adequate hanging space for delicate garments, and proper folding techniques for different clothing items; men can maintain a neat and organized closet space tailored to their lifestyle and preferences. Additionally, introducing accessories like Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST) can help organize men's closets and enhance their functionality, providing a stylish yet practical solution for wardrobe management. With these tips and tools in hand, men can easily make the most of their closet space and streamline their daily routines.


Author: Stephen Patrick

Author: Stephen Patrick

Stephen is the Founder and CEO of the Roomedys® brand. Stephen’s inaugural, multi-patented invention, Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST), is poised to transform the world of closet organization. Having spent 25 years in the hospitality industry, Stephen is an expert in functional organization. His mantra, “Everything has a place; everything stays in place,” is the key to achieving a realistic & maintainable routine that provides a feeling of balance and well-being.


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