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10 Tips for an Organized Kid's Closet (Easy & Kid-Friendly!)

Updated: May 13

Are you ever overwhelmed trying to find things in your child's messy closet? We get it.

But don't worry! We have simple tips to help you turn that chaotic closet into an organized and functional space. Imagine finding everything you need immediately - that's what we aim for!

Discover ten quick tips on how to organize a Kid's Closet and start enjoying a tidy space today!

How To Organize A Kids Closet

How To Organize A Kids Closet

1. Get Your Kids Involved

Don't forget to include your kids in the plan when you're getting ready to tidy up. Talk to them about what they'd like in their closet and how they think it should be organized. When they're part of the decision-making, they'll feel a sense of ownership and be more motivated to keep things neat and tidy.

2. Declutter Regularly

Keeping your kids' stuff organized can be challenging with how fast they grow and change. That's why regularly organizing children's closets is essential. Removing clothes and toys they don't need anymore will free up space and keep things from getting too messy. Plus, donating what they've outgrown helps others and makes room for new adventures!

3. Organize Your Closet with Storage Bins

Storage bins are fantastic for keeping things neat in your closet. Clear bins make it easy to see what's inside, while labeled bins take the organization to the next level. Keeping similar items together in bins helps reduce clutter and makes finding what you need a breeze.

4. Utilize Vertical Space

Make the most of your kids' closet space using hanging organizers and shelves. You can double your hanging space easily with double-hanging closet rods! These rods work with horizontal bars in any wardrobe and are a simple solution for organizing clothes. All you need to do is hang the hooks over your existing closet rod for extra space without any fuss. To level up your organization game, try Roomedys® Spacing Tape For Hangers. RST is a unique tool that helps you keep your clothes neatly spaced on hangers. It makes the closet look tidy and easier to move your clothes around without messing up their order. With RST, you can easily pick out and check your clothes without any hassle. It's perfect for anyone who likes to hang their clothes and wants a neat and organized children's closet design.

5. Organize closet by color or style

If you are wondering how to color organize a closet, it becomes much easier when you group similar items together. Hang shirts with shirts and pants with pants. This keeps your wardrobe tidy and easy to browse through.

Once you've sorted your clothes, try organizing clothes by color. You could choose a light-to-dark order or a colorful rainbow to make it fun; color coding looks great and helps them find things quickly. For example, start with light blues and move to darker shades like navy. It's also a simple way to keep your child interested in staying organized.

To take it a step further, try using Roomedys® Spacing Tape For Hangers to create sections in your closet. This can make it even more functional and stylish.

6. Use Slim Hangers

Many people find their kids' closets too crowded. Slim Hangers solves this problem. They're sleek so that you can fit more clothes in the closet. Plus, they stop clothes from falling off, keeping everything neat. And with Roomedys® Spacing Tape For Hangers in the mix, you won't need extra storage for your hangers. It keeps your closet tidy and functional.

7. Streamline with Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Acrylic Shelf Dividers are perfect for stopping your kids' clothes from falling like dominoes. They slide onto shelves easily, making separate spaces for different types of clothing. You can install them without any tools, so your shelves stay undamaged. The dividers have smooth edges to avoid snagging clothes and keep them looking good. They keep your clothes tidy and make them easy to reach.

8. Invest In Drawer Dividers

Consider investing in drawer dividers, as they can significantly improve the organization of your clothes in drawers. These dividers help you separate different types of clothing, making it easier to find what you need. You can also use them to plan and organize outfits for each day of the week, saving you time and effort in the mornings.

9. Seasonally Rotate Clothes

Keep those winter coats and boots out of the way when the sun is shining! Instead of cluttering up your kids' closet with stuff they will only need later, why not store them in bins up high or in another spot? With this children's closet organization idea, you'll have more space for what they're using now.

10. Label Everything

Using labels is super helpful for keeping your kids' closet tidy. Stick them on bins, drawers, and shelves to ensure everything has its own spot and can be found easily. Trust me, it makes life much easier!


Organize Your Kid's Closet in 10 Simple Steps

How To Organize A Kids Closet  and Make It Fun

Let's talk about making children's closet organization fun. One cool idea is to use colorful decorations or stickers to jazz up the organization process. It's also great to start teaching kids about organization early but in a fun way. For instance, Roomedys® Spacing Tape For Hangers is a super easy and fun tool to introduce functional organization to kids. Even a simple trick like using tape to keep hangers in place can teach them the vital lesson that everything has a place and should stay in its place. Remember, organizing can be exciting, not dull!

Simplify And Optimize Your Child's Closet:

Make sure your expectations match your child's age when organizing children's closets. The little ones may need some help keeping things organized, while most pre-teens can handle it independently - though some might need a reminder now and then.

Remember that your child's closet might not be as tidy as yours unless you teach them to really like organizing. To fix a messy closet, first look at why it's messy:

  • Are there non-clothing items in there?

  • Has it become so messy that clothes are just thrown in?

Deal with these problems first before organizing. Take a day when you're free to do this. Involve your kids.  Getting kids started young with organizing is always a good idea.

To make the closet work better:

  • Only keep clothes for the current season in the closet. Put the rest away.

  • Take out anything that shouldn't be in there.

  • Keep only clothes that fit and are in good condition. Donate or get rid of the rest.


Now that you know how to organize a Kids' Closet, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Use the tips we've discussed to turn chaos into order. Tailor your approach to your child's age and involve them as much as possible. Keep things simple, declutter regularly, and maximize the available space.

A well-organized closet looks tidy and fosters independence in your child. With patience and proper knowledge, you can build a positive and harmonious environment at home. So, roll up your sleeves, follow our tips, and enjoy the benefits of a well-organized kids' closet!  


Author: Stephen Patrick

Author: Stephen Patrick

Stephen is the Founder and CEO of the Roomedys® brand. Stephen’s inaugural, multi-patented invention, Roomedys® Spacing Tape for Hangers (RST), is poised to transform the world of closet organization. Having spent 25 years in the hospitality industry, Stephen is an expert in functional organization. His mantra, “Everything has a place; everything stays in place,” is the key to achieving a realistic & maintainable routine that provides a feeling of balance and well-being.


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